I make meangirlsofpanem.tumblr. Things are funny.

Hi new followers:)

I’m tumblr-ing (?) from here now → → → http://reneeduhhh.tumblr.com/ 

This one is a secondary to meangirlsofpanem so I couldn’t follow people back or ask questions but on my new one I can. 


Okay, posts are now [[here]] 

Please to follow that one since I won’t be using this one any longer. 

I think I’m going to make a new personal Tumblr tonight. I created this one as a secondary off of MGoP buuuuuut that means I can’t reblog/like anything or reply to the asks or follow people without it coming from the main MGoP account which is a stone cold bummer. I’m finally getting the hang of Tumblr & want to be able to follow back & whatever from my personal account. I’ll post it when I do get around to it. 

By the beard of Seneca!

Over 10,000 followers on MGoP! 

Now, here’s an in-depth look at the inside of my brain that is having a total joy party right now: 

The best thing about a Law&Order SVU marathon

is remembering that Detective Stabler

was also Gene in Wet Hot American Summer 

& that is AWESOME.

I just have a lot of feelings

Even though I have like 9,700 followers on meangirlsofpanem I still get soooooooo sad when I notice a single unfollow. WHY DON’T YOU LOVE MEEEEEEEEEE.